7th edition - 27 & 28 March 2017 - Antwerp

Curious about the latest trends in Northern European hospitality? Eager to keep your business up to date? Visit the annual VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Show to stay up to date! The place to be to discover new trends in design, eating, sleeping and drinking. 

VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Show is a high-quality specialized platform for innovative conceptual hospitality. It’s the meeting place for hospitality entrepreneurs, brand managers, suppliers, consultants, designers, architects, concept developers, bartenders, chefs, trend watchers and other stakeholders. The ultimate goal of the event - and Marvin Media - is to lift the hospitality sector to a higher level. Programs, seminars, discussions and tastings are organized in diverse areas. Such as top-notch business talks about the past and the future of the industry, hospitality specialists and premium brands from around the world show their craftsmanship in the field of drinks (cocktails, coffee, spirits, beer, soft drinks), food, hotel, concept, design, technology and experience. The hospitality industry is subject to increasing demands and new developments. Innovation and brand experience are central on the event. It is the mission of the Marvin Media to showcase current trends that are relevant and inspiring for the development of good hospitality. Click here to discover more. 

4th edition - 5 December 2016 - Ghent

On the first Monday of December, Marvin Media organizes the VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Awards! This is an Oscar-style award show with reception, culinary dinner, top-notch entertainment, open bar party and live entertainment. The awards reward the most inspiring and innovative venues in the Belgian hospitality sector. The perfect night for networking and meeting new people. Click here to discover more.