Igepa Belux is a European paper company with divisions that include paper trading, merchant business, and distribution services. They wanted to create a magazine for their clients and other professionals in the design and print industry. They asked Marvin Media to present them with a lifestyle magazine in which the accent was put on the stories of the clients, on artistic and cultural reports and in which their brands shined, but not in your face.  


LEAF is a corporate lifestyle magazine, created for Igepa Belux, targeting the inspirational world of professionals who thrive in the creative sectors. As external editor, Marvin Media focuses on giving all articles in the LEAF magazine a lifestyle twist. You will find - amongst others - hospitality reports, cultural articles, fashion items and spectacular photography.


Marvin Media and Igepa Belux cooperated very closely during the proces of designing LEAF. Igepa Belux presented topics, Marvin Media selected the best-fitting ones and chose the perfect angle for each article. The editorial team of Marvin Media interviewed key persona, arranged photoshoots, planned general meetings, designed the lay-out and eventually printed the magazine. 
The goal of LEAF is to inspire the creative print and design sector and to create awareness of everything Igepa Belux does. Key element was to conceal the commercial idea behind the magazine. That's why LEAF looks and feels like a premium lifestyle magazine. 


"LEAF Magazine is absolute class." 

—  Stefan Kirschner,  Commercieel Manager Grafisch & Marketing, Igepa Nederland

"I just finished LEAF. I love this magazine. Thank you so much."

TOECH Reclamestudio, Ruislede 

"Congratulations with the second LEAF, it's even better than the first one!"

—  Yann Bouckaert, Service Engineer, Sagamgraphic