VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Journal publishes (bimonthly) hospitality news, venue reports and food/drinks/design/travel articles for the hospitality professional (hospitality owners, chefs, bartenders, designers, architects, brand ambassadors...). VENUEZ is the reference for those who wish to stay up to date on the hospitality of tomorrow. The main goal of the journal is to inspire and to present innovation.


VENUEZ selects its venue reports and hospitality news carefully. The quality of the content, photography and design are of utter importance. Together with the luxurious paper and eye-catching artwork, VENUEZ sets itself apart from other hospitality related magazines. The Marvin Media editorial team does the editing in-house.  VENUEZ01 was published in March 2010. VENUEZ35, the first restyled journal, was published in March 2016.


Times change, hospitality changes and so did VENUEZ. After six years of publishing VENUEZ Hospitality & Style Magazine, VENUEZ evolved to VENUEZ Modern Hospitality Journal. The layout and content fit the current need of the hospitality scene. Broader and deeper reports, facts & figures, white space and according photography give the journal a needed update.  


"VENUEZ is a modern and incredibly beautiful magazine that puts classy drinks such as beer on a well deserved pedestal. Proud to be part of it!" 

Sofie Vanrafelghem, Master Beer Sommelier 


"VENUEZ after the restyling: more than ever a fresh and inspiring look on the energetic world of hospitality."


- Kate Stockman, Trend Watcher & Analyst


"Very proud to be writing about the latest spirit and cocktail trends for VENUEZ. Keep on drinking!" 

- Ingmar Voerman, Drinks Specialist & Journalist